Building a Productive Virtual Office

Although it is a recent innovation which is now gaining popularity, the Virtual Office guarantees companies all of the benefits and services of an office work environment without the cost that renting a physical space can have. Our Virtual Office at Clyde Offices is the ideal set-up for professionals and businesses who want to promote a professional image to customers without having to pay the costs usually associated with the office rental.


Virtual Office packages include a city centre mailing address with your company name, post received and sorted, a unique business telephone line, calls answered in your company name and dealt with by a personal assistant, calls forwarded to your personal line, daily e-mails updating on your companies activities, and an option of renting meeting rooms on an hourly basis.


Here is a short guide of a few steps to help ensure that you are using your Virtual Office to its full potential.


Communication: We ensure that all employees are communicating regularly so that miscommunications are held to a minimum if not completely eliminated. It is also important to hold team meetings to structure the working days. These meetings will also help instill a sense of team spirit and promote productivity.


Sharing: All documents and work-related files should be shared with relevant members of the team. A structured flow of folders, and a staff trained in how to use them properly will insure the work is done properly. At Clyde Offices, we use Dropbox. This way, all members of the team and our clients can have access to all the information and documents they need.

Energy: In any fast-paced business it will be important to keep up energy levels to ensure everyone is completing tasks at the highest level of efficiency. Short breaks to re-energize the group are key.


If you have any questions about the services we offer from our Virtual Office here at Clyde Offices, then get in touch. If you want to find out more about our telephone answering service or virtual assistant service then please visit the relevant pages.

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