Call Answering: Diverting your calls to us

When your business joins the Clyde Offices call answering service they are provided with a free telephone number. This gives the business two options. The first is the business can advertise the number Clyde Offices gives them, or if the business already has a number advertised they can divert calls from their current number to the one Clyde Offices provides.


The following is a guide to help you with diverting calls through to Clyde Offices team of receptionists.


How to divert calls: First off, contact your businesses telephone service provider to set up the call divert function. This process usually takes a few hours to implement and costs £5 per quarter.


Once the function is set up, you will have three options when handling incoming calls: You could either divert your calls to us, divert your calls to us when your line is engaged or divert your calls to us when you’re unable to answer, normally after fifteen seconds.

When you join the Clyde Offices family you get the telephone answering service as well as a few other benefits that include: No charge for calls under 20 seconds (sales calls or wrong numbers,) no long-term contracts (we operate on month-to-month deals,) there are no set-up fees, we also provide you with a free trial of our call answering service.

Above and beyond, we are a U.K. based service and with a small team of three staff we answer your calls in an efficient and friendly manner to help build professional and personal rapport with your callers.

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