The importance of a telephone number

Do not underestimate the power of a telephone number.


A sample of 10,000 e-commerce websites in the U.K. showed that 60 per cent of online retailers from the U.K. did not provide a telephone number on their website. If people cannot find how to reach you, they probably won’t. By simply providing a visible telephone number on your business website you will increase sales and encourage repeat business.

Today’s customer is in search of answers as quick as possible. Offering high quality customer service is something that many online retailers overlook, however with the inclusion of a telephone number on your site is a great way to provide your customers with quick access to the information they need, when they need it.


It is really very simple, when an e-commerce site neglects to include the business’ phone number it is at serious risk of losing nearly half of its potential customers. A recent survey showed that 50 per cent of potential customers would never purchase from a site that does not provide a contact number. This, essentially, makes a clearly stated phone number a requirement of your business if is going to gain customer trust.


The problem is many retailers may not have the time or resources to fully run a customer service team who can handle the telephone calls. Never fear, Clyde Offices can help.

Clyde Offices telephone-answering service goes a step further than most answering services by offering businesses a complete e-customer service experience. This means your calls are not just handled; they also help take orders, deal with questions over e-mail, as well as online chat requests. All of this frees up the business’ time by focus on their product and not have to worry about covering all their bases when they do not have the resources.


Currently, we work with numerous e-commerce sites handling their customer service solutions. We mainly deal with customers who prefer to make orders over the phone. We also help with IT issues such as customer password resetting, general shipping inquiries and returns.


The services start at £1 a call and include a free telephone number, a cost that is more than offset by the potential of loss income do to unsatisfied customers.

Never underestimate the power of a number.

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