Why Clyde Offices can provide you with your first employee

Are you considering hiring a new or first employee?


If you are a start-up or a small business you know that you’re not just a boss or a manager, you wear many hats all simultaneously. You’re juggling paying rent, utilities, office supplies and wages for the few employees you have. And, depending on the work load, some of these employees are probably spending most of their time on Facebook, or personal emails.

With Clyde Offices you can cut out a lot of the cost and still be as, if not more, efficient. After all, we are experienced in many different businesses and industries.


Our team of independent professionals work from offices which are fully stocked and come at no extra expense to you the business owner. More so, the staff are all trained and ready to carry out your required tasks to the highest possible standard. All of this training is done before hand, so you are hiring a ready-made employee. Saving the money on insurance, wages, and training allows you to invest more into the business, getting more bang for your business’ buck.


Let’s take a look at the cost analysis of a Virtual Assistant versus hiring an employee:

Training Cost: An employee must be properly trained to meet their full potential. This means investing time and money. But, not just their time, it is your own, or another employee’s. However, with our highly skilled team members you are getting pre-trained hard working assistants right out of the box.


Wasted time/Loss of Productivity: National surveys show that the average employee takes nearly five months to be fully capable at a new position. A Virtual Assistant does not need that five month gestation period. They come in fully baked and ready to roll!

It is pretty clear that the cost benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant, a fully trained and prepared employee right out of the box, far outweigh that of hiring, training and fully paying to bring up to speed a new or first employee.

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