We provide a Glasgow mailing address for personal or business use

A mailing address or a virtual office is a physical location that you can use to receive post & correspondence rather than using a home address. Our offices are located in Glasgow city centre and our mailing address prices are extremely competitive, with prices starting from less than £3.50 a week.

The service is ideal for both business or personal use.

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    Use our city centre office as your Registered Address

    Glasgow Registered Address

    You are welcome to use our mailing address as your registered address with HMRC and Companies House. Unlike other providers we don’t charge any extra for this type of service.

    Like any other mail that we get for you, we will notify you by email as soon as you have received any communication from HMRC and Companies House.

    By using our mailbox / mailing address service it provides you with the privacy of not needing to register your home address with Companies House, and having peace of mind that your mail will be handled securely and confidential at all times.

    Our glasgow mailbox service includes mail forwarding

    Glasgow Mail Forwarding

    When you rent a mailing address from us and receive any deliveries, you will receive an email from us. You can then choose to collect your mail, have your documents scanned or use our mail forwarding service.

    If you use our mail forwarding service, we charge 50p plus the cost of postage to send out any documents to you. You have the option of how you want your post sent out to you. We normally use Royal Mail First Class; however, we can also send out by courier.

    You can decide how often you want the mail forwarded to you: on receipt, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on request.

    Leading provider of a Virtual Office in Glasgow

    Glasgow Virtual Office

    A virtual office is ideal for small and start-up businesses that require an office address for their company but don’t actually need a physical office space. Our Virtual Office address service allows you to register. your company at our city center offices but you only pay a small monthly fee to use our office address.

    By using our mailing address service you can keep your home address private and advertise your address to potential customers as if you had an actual office in the heart of the city center.

    Once you receive any deliveries we will notify you by email and then you can collect (free of charge), scan in (50p for first page then 5p thereafter) or forward any mail that we have for you at the cost of postage + 50p.

    Don’t worry! If anyone pops into our offices, we will notify your customers that you are out the office, and ask if they want to leave a message for you.


    How it works

    Once you have signed up, we provide you with the address you should use. As soon as you get any post, we will notify you by email. You can then collect (free) or get the mail posted out (50p + cost of postage) or scanned (50p for 1st page then 5p per page thereafter)

    Use as your registered address

    You can register the address we give you with HMRC and Companies House. Unlike other providers we don’t charge you any extra this is included in the cost.

    Can I get mail forwarded?

    We can forward out the mail that we get for you. This can be done on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, or alternatively as and when you request it. If you need the mail sooner and you are not able to collect, we can also scan it or send it out to you

    2 companies & 2 personal names

    The costs quoted below includes 2 company name and also 2 personal names. You can easily add on additional names at anytime which costs £5 per month per name


    Best value only £15 a month
    Pricing includes free collection & you can use the address with Companies House and HMRC


    The price also includes:

    Same day setup

    Cancel at anytime

    Manned reception

    Mail forwarding*

    Collection of mail

    Use with HMRC

    Mail scanning**

    2 Company Names inc***

    Use as registered address

    Expand to view optional additional costs

    *to forward out mail is cost of postage + 50p
    ** Scanning costs 50p for 1st page then 5p per page thereafter per letter
    *** 2 company names and 2 personal names included, any further names are £5 per name per month

    Get a 75% discount off our mailing address today

    Enter your email below to access our discounted pricing


      Will I be allocated a PO Box Address?

      No, we don’t issue a PO Box Address. Once you sign up you will be provided an actual office address.

      Who uses the mailing address service?

      Our services are used by anyone looking for a more professional and reliable virtual mailing address service at a competitive price. Normally this is used for businesses but we do have some customers who use the address for personal use.

      What will be my address when I sign up?

      You should use the following address:

      Your business name

      Clyde Offices*
      48 West George Street
      G2 1BP

      *Please note that we recommend you use Clyde Offices in your address. This is not our company name; it is however the name on the office door, so it helps the postman deliver the mail to the correct office.

      What happens when we receive mail?

      We would email you straight away, advising that you have received mail. Where possible we would try and let you know who the mail has been sent from if it details anything on the envelope.

      After we email you have 3 choices on how you receive mail.

      1. Collect the mail free of charge
      2. Get the post scanned through to you. The charge per letter is 50p for the first page then 5p per page thereafter.
      3. Post the mail out to you at the cost of postage + 50p
      How can I order your mailing address service?

      This is easy: simply click here and fill out the form. It should only take a couple of minutes

      If you have any question’s please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing us at info@clydeoffices.co.uk or give us a call on 0141 255 0624.

      Am I tied into a long-term contract?

      We have listened to our customers and they don’t like long-term contracts. Therefore you simply pay monthly in advance and you can cancel at anytime.

      However if you sign up for our 6-month or annual service you will obtain a discount for the mailing address.

      How and when do you send out mail?

      If you want mail forwarded then we can arrange to send this out at a frequency that suits you. Normally this is either when we receive it, on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or an ad-hoc basis.

      We normally send out the mail by Royal Mail First Class. However on occasions we will also send it out by courier if it would work out cheaper. We can of course send items recorded, or tracked if you request it. In addition we can also send post internationally again if this is required.

      Can I register the address with HMRC and Companies House?

      Yes and unlike other providers we don’t charge any extra.

      What are your opening hours?

      Yes you can collect the mail from 08:45 to 5:30 Monday to Friday, excluding any bank holidays.

      Do I need to provide any identification when I sign up?

      Yes we ask that you provide us a copy of photographic ID such as a passport or driving license.

      You can send us a copy by taking a picture and emailing us, scanning it through to us, taking a copy and posting it to us. Alternatively you can pop into our office and we can take a copy.

      I would like to receive mail for more than one company?

      This is possible. We let you have 2 different company names; any additional names after this are charged at £5 per month, per name.

      When am I invoiced and how do I arrange payment?

      Payment is taken monthly in advance, with your first payment taken as soon as you start the service. Any further invoices will be raised every month, 6 months or annually depending on the service you sign up for. We will issue you an invoice with payment taken 3 days later from your registered card.

      When you sign up we ask that you provide payment details such as debit or credit card. This will be securely held on file and any future payments will be taken from it. You can always change your card details anytime in the future.