Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all aspects of the provision of Services (as hereinafter defined) by Clyde Resources Limited, trading as Call Assistant and/or Time Assistant, and/or Clyde Offices a company incorporated under the Companies Acts (registered number SC353174) and having its registered office at Clyde Offices, 48 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP (“the Service Provider”) to the Client (as hereinafter defined). No amendments to these terms and conditions shall be effective unless agreed to in writing by the Service Provider.

Subject to the customer observing the Terms and Conditions set out below, Clyde Resources Ltd. (“the Company”) agrees to provide a mailbox service (“the Mailbox Service”) to the customer (“the Customer”) for the term (“the Term”) at Clyde Offices, 48 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1BP the premises (“the Premises”) specified in the Mailbox Service Agreement (“the Agreement”).

1. The Mailbox Service provided by the Company will consist of the following services:

  • A. The Company will provide the Customer with a mailbox address at the Premises for which the Customer will pay a monthly fee.
  • B. Where a virtual address service is requested at the Premises, the Customer can collect mail from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank / Public Holidays.
  • C. The Customer may use the Mailbox Service address provided by the Company as the Registered Address at Companies House, provided that the Customer complies with Companies House requirements.
  • D. The Company will receive on the Customer’s behalf all pre-paid mail addressed to the Customer’s mailbox.
  • E. The Company will receive items requiring cash on delivery, subject to the Customer making advance arrangements for their receipt and payment by the Company to the satisfaction of the Company.


2. Payment for the Mailbox Service (“the Payment”) is payable in full in advance, on a repeating basis using the payment details when signed up. The Customer may terminate the Mailbox Service at any time. There will be no refunds for early termination by the Customer.
When paying by card you are authorising The Company to send instructions to the financial institution that issued The Customer’s card to take payments from the card account in accordance with the terms of my agreement with you.

3. The mailing address will only be cancelled once we receive confirmation in writing from the customer and they remove all record of the mailing address from their website.

4. The Company may in its absolute discretion refuse to provide or cancel a mailing address service under various circumstances, & / or refuse to accept delivery for any item for any reason.

5. If the Customer breaches any of these Terms and Conditions or doesn’t keep payments up to date, the Company may terminate the Mailbox and all subsequent services forthwith.

6. If the Customer fails to make any Payment, any mail received after the expiry of the existing agreement may, at the Company’s absolute discretion, be retained for up to 30 days pending Payment. In this event, a Late Payment Fee will be charged.

7. The Customer undertakes not to use the Mailbox Service for any purpose which in the Company’s considered opinion may be deemed to be illegal or antisocial and if it does so it acknowledges that the Company may report the same to any relevant authority; and not to send or deliver or permit to be sent or delivered to the Premises any illegal, defamatory, obscene, dangerous or bulky object or material.

8. If the Customer is in breach of these Terms and Conditions, then the Company may terminate the mailbox service with immediate effect. In this instance, there will be no refund of the Payment.

9. The Customer authorises the Company and any of its representatives to sign at their discretion on the Customer’s behalf for any deliveries addressed to the Customer’s mailbox address.

10. If the Customer fails to remove any item within one month of notice to that effect being given (“the Notice Date”) then the Customer hereby authorises the Company in its absolute discretion, either to destroy such items or to return them either to the Customer at the Customer’s last known address or to the sender at any time after the Notice Date without further notice at the Customer’s expense.

11. The Customer will indemnify the Company against any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings incurred by the Company arising from use by the Customer of the Mailbox Service, except to the extent that the same is caused by the negligence of the Company.

12. The Company is not obliged to open and read mail or tell whom it is from.

13. Packages and oversized mail received addressed to the Customer will be held for one week at no extra charge, after which a Package Holding Fee may be levied per item held, per day or fraction thereof. If we start receiving an excessive amount of mail that doesn’t get regularly collected then we will give you a 2 week notice period to collect, after this, we will start to charge 50p per letter and £2.50 per parcel per item, charged per week on a rolling basis. If payment goes unpaid then we will cancel your service.

14. The Mailbox Service is not to be used for the storage or delivery of items of value. The Company has no knowledge of the value of any item of mail and will not accept notification of value. The liability of the Company in respect of any damage or loss is limited to £5 for each claim and in aggregate shall not exceed the amount of the Payment in any Term.

15. The Company shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, including loss of profit, nor for any liabilities, costs, claims, demands or expenses arising from any event beyond its control including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, delay or miss-delivery on the part of Royal Mail or any other carrier.

16. The Customer may select a Mail Forwarding service. The Company will forward mail to an address nominated by the Customer on an agreed basis. For this service, the Customer will pay the cost of postage +50p

17. It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify the Company of any change in address or contact details, or any change to named recipients of mail in writing, during the period of the Mailbox Agreement.

18. The Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of Scotland and all matters relating thereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts, without prejudice of the rights of the Service Provider to seek recovery of any sums due before any competent Court

19. The Mailbox Service purchase will be considered live and operational once the Company has issued the confirmation email. The Term will commence at this time.

20. Where the Company offers an SMS mail notification service, Customers requiring this service will pay an SMS fee of 15p per text

21. The Company is obliged to maintain accurate and current details of the Customer as required by relevant UK authorities. These requirements may change from time to time. The Customer will promptly advise any change in details and provide all information reasonably requested and accepts that mail and packages may be withheld and/or inspected at the Company’s discretion, pending investigation of information provided.

22. In order to activate the mailbox service the Customer is required to provide the following information: the full name, address and telephone number of all persons for whom mail is to be received, held or forwarded.

the nature of business to be undertaken or reason for rental where rental is not for business purposes. A copy of photographic ID of the company owner. Acceptable photo ID:

  • A. Passport
  • B. Driving Licence
  • C. National ID Card
  • D. A valid student card
  • E. The Company may disclose this information if requested by an appropriate authority or if required for the pursuit of legal action. If the Customer fails to produce valid ID within 30 days of commencement of the Rental Period, the Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse to accept delivery of items and/or return them to sender.

Money Laundering Regulations 2007 – Under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (as updated from time to time), we may be required to verify the identity of those we deal with. This may include checking against electronic and other databases (public or otherwise).

Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) – The information on this form may also be used to verify identity. That information will be held securely on our systems. It will only be passed to other group companies of ours in the provision of serviced and/or virtual offices and related services. It will not be passed to any other party without your express permission unless we are required to do so by law or regulation. We will store the information and our verification thereof in accordance with relevant legislation after which it will be destroyed. The Act confers rights of access to certain information we hold. Details are available on request. In addition, this information may be used for the prevention or detection of offences for fraud prevention purposes. We may share any information we collect with the Police to assist with investigations and/or enquiries as well as other public or private sector agencies or representative bodies complying with legislation and in accordance with relevant statutory and regulatory obligations.

Terms & Conditions for the shipping of goods


We Clyde Resources Ltd (Company) are acting as an agent to arrange the shipment of goods as requested between  You (Customer), using our selected shipping partners UPS or Royal Mail (Carrier)

It is important to note that the goods being shipped must not be deemed prohibited or restricted by the carrier and we will sent via standard terms. If enhanced liability is required for higher value items then we will need this information before placing an order with the Carrier.


You agree to the following:

  • You agree that you are happy for us to provide your information, such as contact details and address with the Carrier.
  • That the goods will be shipped by the standard terms and conditions of the Carrier as seen here. UPS & Royal Mail.
  • For each parcel, the Customer shall provide a full and accurate postal address, including the postcode, and contact telephone number and email address
  • Goods will not contain any substance that is dangerous or illegal. A list of dangerous goods and other prohibited items is available from the Company. This includes, but not limited to, the following:
    • Prohibited: Counterfeit goods, currency, human remains, illegal drugs (including marijuana).
    • Restricted: Alcoholic Beverages, Dangerous Goods (Including Lithium Batteries), Firearms & Ammunition, Tobacco, Vape.
  • The Company acts as an agent for the Customer and accordingly is not liable for any acts or omissions by the Carrier, including but not limited to any liabilities, costs, claims, demands or expenses arising from:
    • any loss or damage to the Goods
    • any failure or delay to delivery or misdelivery of the Goods
  • The Company’s liability is limited to the level stipulated in the Carrier’s current terms and conditions or, if greater, the value of the Goods declared by the Customer
  • All complaints relating to the carriage of the Goods must be notified to the Company immediately upon receipt and addressed in writing to the Company no later than 7 days of the date of shipment
  • The Company will make reasonable efforts to resolving complaints with the Carrier but accepts no responsibility for their satisfaction.
  • The Customer accepts that no claim relating to Goods damaged on arrival at their destination will be satisfied without an inspection by the Carrier’s local agent of the damaged parcel(s) and packing.