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Diary Management


How long do you spend arranging meetings and managing you’re diary? No doubt they will be numerous emails or phone calls going back and forth to arrange a suitable date, time and location of the meeting. No doubt this is time you could spend more wisely. By simply copying us (your own assistant) into the email we can make all the arrangements for you.


We will show you how to share your calendar with us and once we have access we will be able to arrange your meetings and any other tasks you need to schedule. All you need to do is to let us know the location (if you have a favourite don’t forget to tell us) and whom you are meeting and we will arrange it and put it in the calendar. All you need to do is turn up!


Our aim is to provide a personalised Virtual Assistant service, and to get to know your requirements as quickly as possible. You have the added benefit of knowing that your Virtual Assistant is based in Glasgow, so if you’re local you’re always able to pop in and see them.


Listed below is some of what you can expect from your Virtual Assistants:

  • Reliable, trustworthy and 100% discreet
  • Professional in all written and verbal communication
  • Prompt and reliable carrying out the work
  • Able to adapt to different work requirements


Our Pricing Options

Pay as you go

Min 1 hour charge

per month

£19 Per Hour

Pay as you go service Ideal for Start-up’s

Monthly 5

Includes 5 hours

a month

£85 Monthly

Additional time charged at £19 per hour

Monthly 10

Includes 10 hours

a month

£155 Monthly

Additional time charged at £19 per hour

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How the Service Works: