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Reasons to use a VA

Four Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Before launching into business you’re going to want to make sure it is worthwhile. This includes making sure you aren’t going to be spending unnecessary money, there is a good chance your budget is not unlimited, it’s probably going to … Continue reading

Time is valuable

The importance of time!

The importance of time is often underestimated   Time is always running out. As such, we try to save it wherever we can. We grab meals from drive-through windows and eat in our cars, we shop for gifts online during … Continue reading

Telephone Answering

How to start diverting your calls

Missed calls are missed opportunities. If you ever worry about losing out on business due to missed calls, or are you are trapped in the office, too scared to leave the phones unattended? Is the frustration from sales calls wasting … Continue reading

The importance of a telephone number

The importance of a telephone number

Do not underestimate the power of a telephone number.   A sample of 10,000 e-commerce websites in the U.K. showed that 60 per cent of online retailers from the U.K. did not provide a telephone number on their website. If … Continue reading

Contact a VA

Call Answering: Diverting your calls to us

When your business joins the Clyde Offices call answering service they are provided with a free telephone number. This gives the business two options. The first is the business can advertise the number Clyde Offices gives them, or if the … Continue reading